Live Stream Internet Golf Coverage

Australia tops the world for many things, being hideously expensive is one of them. Unfortunately, cable television is not as accessible to us downunder folk as it is in many northern hemisphere countries and we end up paying excessively for sports channels (Try $70.00/month). You can imagine my glee when I noticed that was offering a free live stream broadcast of their golf Championship coverage last month, only to be crushed to find that it was only available to North American ip's.

More and more sports are embracing this tool in their marketing strategies, so it surprises me how few golf tournaments are broadcast live over the internet. In comparison to other sports I can understand how broadcasting a golf tournament could prove challenging with the length of the event and the 18 holes to cover, however, a live stream viewer does not expect television quality coverage. Forget the interviews and the top class commentaries just show us the golf.

The benefits of hosting a live internet broadcast compared to live television are far superior for the sponsors and the promoter also. If I'm watching a television broadcast, I can't click on a sponsors website or purchase a new club that was just advertised. I get up and go to the fridge when the commercials come on, not to mention, a large portion of the advertisements are not targeted towards the golfing audience. With a live stream, all the advertisements are right there staring the viewer in the face. In addition; what better venue to hold interactive competitions?

Perhaps I'm biased, because this luxury would certainly be welcomed in Australia regardless of the time differences. Moreover, for regular time-zone viewers, they can watch highlights or live stream coverage while at work on the Thursday and Friday giving sponsors even more bang for their buck.

To the golfing world I say, "You're welcome".