Honma: World's Most Expensive Golf Club Set

Need to find the perfect trunk accessory for your Aston Martin? You could fill it with forty five thousand dollars in one-dollar bills, or you could spend it all on a set of the world's most expensive golf clubs made by Japanese manufacturers 'Honma'.

When you order a set of 14 golf clubs that cost forty five thousand dollars, you would expect some input into the design, and that is exactly what you get with Honma. You can choose the head shape, the shaft, the grip, how much 24k gold plating you would like and how much Pt 1000 platinum detailing you feel would be obnoxious enough for each club. The clubs are manufactured in Japan to the exact length and weight that you specify. You can even have initials engraved on each club, or do as I would and have Japanese swear words stamped on those babies.

Jack Nicholson, Donald Trump and Danny Devito choose Honma clubs, which regularly feature in fancy magazines that thousands of people subscribe to, but only 1% can afford to buy anything from the pages.

Of course, for my mullet wearing readers, cheap replicas are available; you could probably hustle an imitation Honma set for a few hundred bucks on ebay. A word of advice though, if you pull the world’s most expensive golf clubs out of a Camry, I don’t think you’re going to be fooling anyone.

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