John Daly in Australia

Back in 2002, John Daly was invited to play in the 2002 Australian PGA Championships at Coolum, and was reportedly offered $200,000 to sweeten the deal. Evidently it worked and Daly came to Australia and left a few days later in typical Daly style; making headlines.

Here's Daly's Friday afternoon in brief:

* Daly Bogeyed 10 and 11

* Birdied 12

* Triple bogeyed the 13th after his ball went in the water, this led to confusion when Daly disagreed with an officials ruling of where the drop should be. And somewhat set up the rest of the days events

* Bogeyed the 15th

* Double bogeyed the 16th

* Triple bogeyed the 18th

* Threw putter and ball in pond 30 meters away

* Shook hands with playing partners, Australian's Greg Norman and Craig Parry

* Walked home

It was John Daly's third straight week playing in the Asia Pacific and sadly his mother passed away only a week before arriving in Coolum. Tony Roosenberg the tournament promoter said "It's vintage Daly, but I forgive him. It's been a very difficult week for him."

Daly was ordered by the Australian PGA to write apology letters to his playing partners; Norman and Parry and to the official he abused. And was disqualified for not signing his score card. Daly also received a $10,000 fine.

Divers recovered Daly's putter and ball and they remain in the memorabilia section of the Hyatt Regency golf club in Coolum Queensland. Daly donated his bag and clubs to the Australian branch of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Daly also wrote all the letters of apology before he left Australia.

I'd like to see Golf Australia approach John for the 2009 Australian Open.

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