Nudists: Nude Golf Course

In nudist circles, finding a nude golf course is apparently something to jump up and down in the nude over!

Therefore, I decided to look a little closer and try to get inside a nudist and figure out why exactly playing golf in the nude is such a thrill.

I am not talking about topless women at the beach or the creepy guy in the dunes, but the nudists that go to extreme lengths and sometimes expense to be nude in 'regular' environments like movie theaters, cafes and golf courses. Nudists are an odd brand of folk at the best of times. Thinking they don't need clothes, saying "ban the clothes", "we weren't born with clothes on", that's pretty much all they can come up with really.

I stumbled upon a nudist forum (for research purposes) that was suggesting a golf course existed that was open to naturalists. Nudists went nuts! One person almost jumped out of their skin saying, "they are my two favorite things!" Other posters, also visibly excited by the news were cheering and celebrating until a wise, wrinkled elder chimed in and breaks it down to them. Saying that the reality of their being such a golf course is slim, and that it is probably just an urban myth. Personally, I do not trust a man that is typing instructions or advice without pants.

Besides the obvious problems with playing golf in the nude, like where to keep your tee and pencil, what actually constitutes being nude? Can you wear a hat and shades or gloves and shoes? Apparently, you can. As long as everyone can see your junk and you have a big gold chain on, you are nude.

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